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Pest Control & Inspections in Erie, Pennsylvania

Get rid of unwanted pests by calling our pest control company in Erie, Pennsylvania. We offer professional pest control, as well as pest inspection services you're when buying or selling your home.
Ants—Pest Control Services in Erie, PA

Carpenter Ant Removal

Henry's Pest Control is on call to inspect your building and property for carpenter ants. These are very destructive ants that chew out wood in your home, barns, and other parts of your yard.
Dead Cockroach—Pest Control Services in Erie, PA

Safe Chemicals

Using specialized chemical preventatives to remove the ants and their larvae, your carpenter ant problem is eliminated the same day as the application. The chemicals are safe around your pets, livestock and human skin contact.
Wasp Macro—Pest Control Services in Erie, PA


Our pest control company has the training and methods to eliminate honeybees in your walls or attics, as well as treatments for wood-eating carpenter bees. We exterminate the bees, and when needed, we're able to provide contractors to replace any drywall damaged in the removal of the honeycomb.

Wildlife & Vermin Control

Henry's Pest Control continues to be very successful at removing wildlife and vermin from the attics and walls of homes and other structures. Using the most effective methods for removal, we are able to rid your home of animal pests from squirrels to mice and even feral cats—every animal!
Contact us today for more information about our pest control and pest inspection services that are very affordably priced.